Monday, February 15, 2016

My Latest Review for Shiraz by Bethzaida Ortiz

Are you ready for a ride in a sexy and hot rollercoaster trance?

Are you ready for a ride in a sexy and hot rollercoaster ride?

Let's get ready with Melinda & Ryan

There's some books that will leave you heartbroken, some happy & some are disappointing but reading Shiraz Left me wanting more, it was an incredible and Amazing read I never expected it to end it like that. Real original and unique ending! Kudos to Gisell!!
Left me in shock with a book hangover. I literally read the last few pages like 5x to make sure did I read right how Gisell ended this great story. Short story well detailed and the sex scene OMG OMG.. Uff you better have company after reading because you gonna need some release yourself loll (evil laugh) ;)*wink*
Girls get ready to have your undies dropped to your ankle because Mr hottie Ryan will tease until you scream "SHIRAZ"
Min is a Hard working nurse doing her best for her patients & who never takes time for herself, while her boyfriend doesn't help to make it better for her. But her friend and co-worker Antonio will help her have some free time and enjoy herself. What Min would never thought that a stranger can make a lot different and changes her life. Sometimes you need to move even thou that the was the best and unique connection you had in your entire life ..
Love or lust what would you pick ?
Must I definitely recommend of my fave read .. So far my #1 2016 read!!

Thank You so much for reading this book.

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